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Celebrating Mother's Month with 6 San Diego Mom Business Owners

Updated: May 3

This Mother's Day, Destination Baby Co is celebrating all month long by highlighting some amazing local mompreneurs who are juggling parenthood while running their own businesses. These inspiring women are making a difference in their communities while setting an example of pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams alongside motherhood. We asked them to share what inspired them to start their businesses, what makes their companies unique, and advice for other mom entrepreneurs.

The Well Community for Women

This nonprofit co-working space in San Diego provides on-site childcare and partners with organizations supporting women overcoming challenges like trafficking, violence, and homelessness. After seeing the isolation many moms faced post-pandemic, founder Kara Lee was inspired to create a safe, inclusive community to bring women out of isolation. "At The Well, you get to walk in and simply be a woman, and that's what makes it so safe, inclusive, and special," she says. Her advice? "Go for it! You will truly never know how your business will grow until you try. We never could have guessed the impact we’d have on hundreds of women and children- and we wouldn’t trade how hard it has been, for the world.”

San Diego Girl Mom

As a San Diego native mom, Yesenia Auer started San Diego Girl Mom to help other local parents find the best events and activities for families. "I always had a hard time finding things to do," she says. By doing extensive research, she's able to curate and share top picks. Her advice is simply: "Go for it!"

Mar Realty Group at eXp Realty

Martina Mckinney helps with everything from the initial consultation and creating a market strategy to having a clear plan for how to get through the overwhelming process of buying a home, selling a home, or investing in real estate in San Diego. Her father encouraged her career switch into real estate to assist his estate planning clients. While initially hesitant, she now loves being a "full service realtor" guiding clients through every detail. Her mom advice: "Build while they are little and sleeping a lot! Put your head down and do the work because they will always be your biggest inspiration and best ‘why’ to do the hard work that no one else wants to do! Work hard enough during the slower times that you get to be there for all the important ones!”

Spark Mamas

This unique baby registry allows expectant moms to create a wish list of items they really need to help them adjust to motherhood, as well as services like postpartum doula support, lactation consultation, meal delivery, and self-care experiences. "In our culture, everyone takes care of the baby, but no one takes care of the mother. At Spark Mamas, we are hoping to change this," said co-founders Amber Rukaj, LMFT and Chelsea Sybrandt, LMFT. They advise other moms: "Ask for help, rely on those you are in community with and find likeminded women whom you can connect to, brainstorm with and get inspired by. We truly believe in collaboration over competition and have found many great opportunities from working together!”

The Avenue Home Collective

The Avenue Home Collective is a San Diego real estate company placed in the top 1% Nationwide selling over 1/4 billion dollars of homes per year, and is owned by an Asian American Pacific Islander woman. Founder Melissa Sofia says they connect deeply with clients through "community involvement, passion projects and diversity & inclusivity events." Her advice: "Let us harness the power of positive social support, stop retiring women once they have a family and see how our economy can improve when Mompreneurs are truly supported. The beauty of authenticity is that there is not only relief, and beauty in showing up as yourself in business, when you do this you are showing people what is possible. By being vulnerable, by being exactly what you are meant to be, Your story can serve as the match for someone else to fulfill their destiny and THAT is powerful.”

Carlsbad Mom Walks & Mama Wears Athleisure

Mariela De Santiago founded these complementary businesses to foster community among local moms, share expert parenting guidance, and promote San Diego small businesses supporting families. Mama Wears Athleisure podcast offers evidence-based guidance for the perinatal period, while Carlsbad Mom Walks brings moms together to explore San Diego “At the heart of my business lies a distinctive mission: to seamlessly connect mothers with vital resources while spotlighting local businesses dedicated to supporting their diverse needs, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that enriches both communities,” Mariela says. Her advice? “To embrace curiosity by asking questions, leveraging online resources for learning, and seeking support when needed, all while prioritizing balance and effective time management to navigate the demands of entrepreneurship and motherhood.”

We're so inspired by these hard-working mother entrepreneurs! Running a business while raising children is no easy feat, but their perseverance, creativity and commitment to helping other moms shows just how incredible mother power can be. Join us in celebrating them and all mompreneurs this Mother's Month!

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